What is droll humor?
Answer: It’s subtle, not lol (laugh out loud). Droll humor is an often dry, witty form of humor that elicits amusement through odd, sometimes zany situations, behavior or speech. Due to its more subtle nature, it’s not commonly used by comedians.

Who’s the audience for this book?
Answer: Well, about anybody, but probably dog owners first, then all others. All ages will like it, younger readers will like the funny situations, and other readers will be amused by the subtle humor in them. There aren’t any age limits for this book. However, people who are too serious about stuff definitely will not like it. It’s not for them. They’ll get all hung up over whether something is real or not. Remember, this is fiction!

Is it all about humor? Does it have any other qualities?
Answer: It sure does. You’ll learn about a lot of stuff you probably didn’t know, like breeding and showing champion dogs, captaining a cargo ship in the North Atlantic and the St. Lawrence Seaway, fishing for herring in the Baltic Sea, and much, much more.   But it’s all tied together with humor.

Can dogs really do all the things they do in this book?
Answer: Sure, just let yourself go and believe!