Comments from Readers

While I admit I am not an avid reader, this book was the most interesting and fun book I have read in many years. So many interesting characters, both dogs and people. So many interesting places and events across the North Atlantic. It’s an extremely creative collection of heroic dog stories that will keep you turning page after page, smiling and chuckling as you go. I highly recommend this book to everyone!

-John (Columbus, Ohio)

This is a fun book to read!  And not only for dog lovers.  The people in the book are sometimes more interesting than the dogs.  The author’s crazy imagination had me laughing out loud at times.   Courageous dogs, high sea adventure, Niagara Falls daredevils, an ice hotel, a pumpkin festival, and more and more.  I recommend this to anyone who wants an enjoyable read about dogs, people, adventure, and mostly fun!  I’m waiting for the next installment!

Mike (Columbus, Ohio)

To say Andrew Antijo has a powerful imagination is too meek.  His is working on some sort of high octane fuel for sure.  From international venues and intrigue to the lowly docks of Cleveland, Ohio, from the Baltic Sea to Lake Erie, while bringing to life ‘…the prodigies in the dog world,’ these stories are a fun and ruckus ‘tour de force’ of dog prowess and adventure.  The author weaves many good stories.  Ann! Get me a Bud! gets the creativity award from me.  In short, I was quite impressed and amused.

Tom (Traverse City, Michigan)

A note to the author:  All of our dog loving friends in Bay Village have read and enjoyed your excellent stories about Deuce’s ancestors.   Sorry to have kept your new book so long, but more and more folks wanted to read it.

-Jerry and Susie (Bay Village, Ohio)

I’m loving this book!  Thanks for sharing.

Ann (near Cleveland, Ohio)


Featured in the September 1, 2016 issue of KIRKUS REVIEWS:  The entire Kirkus Review is reprinted below, or you can jump to the Kirkus Reviews website and read it there by clicking HERE.  This review was selected as one of the top 10% of all Kirkus Indie reviews.


“Antijo relates the heroic and often funny adventures of a family of Labrador retrievers in this debut book.

‘There are prodigies in the dog world,’ the author states in the preface to this collection of interconnected stories. Several of those canine geniuses just happen to be the ancestors of Deuce Clarence Jones, a purebred chocolate Lab. Although the dogs’ names are all real, their escapades are fictional. The first tale relates how Bubbling Bedouine, the Finnish national champion, escapes from the World Global Dog Show to woo Tendercare Muskelunge Debbie, a black Lab. Her chocolate puppies come as quite a surprise to her owners. Subsequent yarns follow one of their puppies, Tendercare Bubbling “Bucky” Buckeye, and then his puppy, Skaggs Westwood Gus. The animals’ monikers may be a mouthful, but the human characters also sport grandiose names, such as Eustis Izzielustus, a failed dog handler–turned-deckhand, and Robbier Rafferty, an unlucky bank robber. These lighthearted stories are bound to elicit more than a few laughs as they showcase the felicitous qualities and bravery of these dogs; Bucky uses his powerful nose to sniff out a thief on a plane, and Gus rescues the hapless Eustis when he falls overboard. The tales take the reader from the Snow Hotel, where getting out of bed without slippers can result in getting stuck to the icy floor, to Niagara Falls on April Fools’ Day, when daredevils are allowed to jump over the falls or ride down them in a barrel. Antijo shares intriguing details about breeding and showing champion dogs as well as captaining a cargo ship, running a fishing trawler, and even collecting pollen for drug companies. The variety of situations holds the reader’s interest, although the text can sometimes veer toward overexplanation and become repetitive, a minor flaw. The first in a series, the book ends with the arrival of Deuce Clarence Jones and a slight cliffhanger.

Vibrant stories that should amuse readers who love valiant dogs.”