About the author


Andrew Antijo (pen name) is a retired Harvard Law School graduate who practiced law both in private practice and as a corporate attorney.  He then was an international businessman and worked in Central and South America, Europe, and Asia, including Japan and New Zealand.  He has been an avid tennis player, skier, and age-group competitive runner, running well over a thousand road races and fourteen marathons, including four Boston Marathons.  He lives with his wife, Judy, and their chocolate Labrador retriever, Deuce Clarence Jones, near Columbus, Ohio.

Andy initially knew little about dogs, but was fortunate to be trained by an excellent dog trainer, Linda Smithberger.  He was a slow learner, but Linda kept at it, alternately chastising and then encouraging him until he got it right – the right confidence, attitude, movements, enthusiasm, and tone of voice to convey to Deuce that he really did have to obey the commands Andy was taught to give.  It definitely made Andy a better owner, and Deuce a great dog!

Andy has since observed and known many dogs, of all breeds and mixes.  Although he is not a professional, dogs sense his confidence and authority, and adjust their behavior accordingly, sometimes to the surprise of their owners.  Andy draws on all of his experiences and his imagination in writing his humorous fictional series of books, Adventures of Deuce Clarence Jones.